HARGA 1.500.000

Turbo tipe kepala dengan pusat gravitasi yang lebih rendah
Piston dan silinder yang dibangun untuk bertahan untuk waktu yang lama
New karburator memungkinkan penggunaan restrictors karburator untuk menyesuaikan mesin sesuai dengan kondisi lintasan,
konsumsi dan daya
Piston dengan cincin pelumasan yang meningkatkan kompresi
Crankcase baru dengan aliran gas

Spesifikasi Teknis:
Lebar: 45mm
Tinggi: 102mm
Rotasi Per Menit: 3,000-40,000
Pemindahan: 3,49 cc
Cahaya Plug Type: Turbo
Berat: 357g

OS Max 21 XZ-V dengan 21J karburator
OS P3 turbo plug cahaya
Instruksi manual
Mesin OS decals
Restrictors karburator 7mm
Silikon paking untuk mesin 3.5cc
Sampul plastik untuk karburator (udara), knalpot dan karburator (BBM)
made in japan


HARGA 1.500.000

Rear ball bearing: 14 x 25.4mm
Front ball Bearing: 7mm SKF
Fuel supply washer aluminum: 7.5 x 5
Piston gudgeon pin: 4 x 14
Weight: 354g
Code GX-7R
Contents 3.45cc
Maximum Power 2.7hp
R.P.M 40.000rpm
Practical Range 6.000/44.000rpm
Bore/Stroke 16.26mm/16.80mm

Ports 7+2
Crakshafa 14mm SG
Carburetor 8mm
Glow Plug Type Turbo
Exhaust Type Rear

Packet content:
100% Brand New
1 xGo Engine GX-7R

Novarossi PLUS 21-4BTT  

HARGA 1.700.000

Cooling Head: The 'Lighter & Lower evolution 2' 
type cooling head has been drilled and milled out to reduce the mass of the cooling head, 
reducing the Center of Gravity of both the engine and car.
Compression Rings: The ignition timing is controlled with shims that vary in thickness. 
You can add or remove a shim to alter the ignition timing. 
The ignition timing is related to the percentage of Nitro in the fuel and the altitude (above sea level) of your model.
Conrod: The R7 conrod is made from a super light aluminum which has been ultrasonically tested. 
The shape of the R7 rod reduces turbulence inside the engine while running.
Sleeve: The sleeve has 4 transfer ports, the best compromise to make linear power with minimal fuel consumption.
Rear Cover: The rear cover optimizes case volume and reduces dead space. 
The steel plate reduces friction and extends the lifespan of the conrod.
Crankshaft: This engine has been "Factory Tuned". 
Novarossi has modified the crankshaft to futher improve the power output and driveability.
Rear Ball Bearing: The rear ball bearing has high quality ceramic balls to minimize wear and inertia to improve 
acceleration and fuel consumption.
Carburetor: The carburetor is made from plastic, in "reverse" style and has a sliding throttle valve.
Glowplug: The glowplug of engine is a Turbo type glowplug. 
Turbo glowplugs have a different shape than Standard glowplugs and therefor are not interchange able with engines 
that are using Standard glowplugs!
Recommended Tuned Pipes: EFRA 9901, EFRA 9853 
Recommended Tuned Manifolds: 41021, 41029, 41030
Displacement: 3.5cc
Max Power: 2.60 HP @ 35,500 RPM
Practical Range: 6,000 ~ 38,000 RPM
Bore x Stroke: 16.26mm x 16.80mm
Transfer Ports: 4
Ball Bearings Front: Steel
Ball Bearings Rear: Ceramic
Crankshaft Type: 14mm - TURBO SG
Carburetor Type: 9mm Slide
Material: Plastic
Adjustment: Single
Glowplug Type: TURBO - C6TGC
Exhaust Position: Rear
Fuel Type: Advise; 25% Nitro

RB 21 BXR Xtreme Buggy Engine

HARGA 2.100.000

5 +2 Ports with MES
CNC Machined Piston
14.5mm Turbo Shaft, Balanced and Polymer Injected
Knife-edged Competition Conrod
Turbo Combustion Chamber w / Integrated O-Ring
Ceramic 14.5mm Main Bearing
Low Centre of Gravity and Lightweight Cooling Head
Lightweight, Strong and Efficient Crankcase
Composite slide carburetor
6, 7 and 8mm carburetor restrictors Included
Displacement: 3.49cc / 0.21ci
Bore: 16.22mm
Stroke: 16.80mm
Intake Ports: 5 +2 Bypass
Ehaust Ports: 3
Crankshaft: 14.5mm
Carburetor: Nylon 9mm
Glowplug Turbo # 01052-6
Weight: 360g

Items Included:
1x RB BXR Xtreme Racing Buggy .
21 Engine, 6mm carb venturi, 
venturi carb 7mm, 
8mm carb venturi, 
RB # 6 Turbo glowplug, 
instructions and decal sheet.